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PostHeaderIcon Welcome to

We're back! Thank you for your patience, the World's Most Powerful Radio Servers are back online!.

Thank's for visiting Glam and listening to the station. Our massive music library means we won't play the same old songs over and over and over again! You'll hear all your favourite classic hits as well as all the oldies that you've forgotten that you loved! So just crank up the volume and enjoy!

Glam FM is a commercial free and not for profit online radio station, operated by volunteers who love great music and free radio.

PostHeaderIcon  On line and on air 24 hours a day

You can listen live to Glam FM 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by clicking on any of the player buttons over on the right hand side of your display, or by clicking on the website radio player on the top left.
We've got a super quality stereo radio stream, that sounds great and also a mono stream for mobile and limited bandwidth listeners.
If you've got an Internet WiFi radio then you can hear us on that as well, via the Reciva or the Frontier networks, with no need to have your computer switched on.

PostHeaderIcon  More ways to listen

Sometimes our radio servers get very busy with lots of listeners and sometimes that means that you may struggle to listen.
So here are some links to some backup radio streams for Glam FM that you'll probably be able to connect to in the event of problems.

Stereo 128K radio stream click here

Mono 24K radio stream click here

PostHeaderIcon  Get the new free Glam FM App for Android

Get it on Google Play

Listen on your Android phone or tablet with the new Glam FM Internet Radio Player App. Click the Google Play badge to download or visit the Google Play Store and search Glam FM to download directly to your Android device.

PostHeaderIcon  Try our 48K AAC+ stereo radio stream

Listen to the AAC+ radio stream from Glam FM

Click the play button to listen to our 48K AAC+ low bandwidth good quality stereo radio stream. It's great for when you're on the move and you don't want to use up all your bandwidth allowance!

PostHeaderIcon  Mobile device listening


You can listen to Glam FM on your Mobile device.
Applications are available for Windows, IPhone, Android & Blackberry phones.
These applications are provided by

Click here to download your app.

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Click below for our 48K AAC+
  great quality low bandwidth
stereo radio stream
Listen to the AAC+ radio stream from Glam FM

Mobile connection, limited
bandwidth - try listening here
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